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Sold As : 1 Gal. or 5 Gal.

686 PLUS Ultra High Gloss Sealer & Joint Stabilizer


Description :

For use on clay, concrete, masonry, slate, 
flamed granite, bricks, pavers and porous stones

under 100 v.o.c. !

  • High Melt-Point Plastic
  • Adds strength to grout
  • Bonds sand joints better than any other product
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Excellent Hot Tire Resistance

686 PLUSgives you plastic film-forming protection, 
while adding a beautiful ultra high gloss. 
VERY WET LOOK to your pavers, brick, concrete, 
masonry and other porous stone applications.

686 PLUS is water-based, and has the greatest depth of shine of any sealer produced today. 
686 PLUSgreatly out-performs any product, making it the best  gloss sealer available ! 
 On hot days when acrylic sealers are softening in the sun; ULTRA High Gloss 686PLUS maintains it's integrity !

 Our water-based self-crosslinking Acrylic/ Polyurethane is the latest advancement in film forming coatings, 
not to be confused with oil based polys you would use on an outside picnic table, 
or 1960's era lacquer, or even worse defective low v.o.c. lacquer that cracks, yellows and peels! 


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