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Width   : 15'
Height  : 2"
Length : 1' to 100'
Weight : 80 oz. Face Weight
Sold As : L.F. ( 1'x 15' )

Illusion synthetic turf (Artificial Grass 80 oz. face weight) GrassTex


Description :

LANDSCAPING Create the hassle-free backyard space you’ve always dreamed of with synthetic turf. We’ve made it our business to help you create your perfect yard. 90% of backyard landscape projects are do-it-yourself. It is hard physical work, but easy to do. GrassTex continues to offer the Hi-Tech turf system. The system incorporates cutting edge polyethylene fibrillated fiber, nylon thatch and a new and improved polyurethane backing system—Silverback™—in its Arena Turf designs. Now golf, football, baseball, and landscape turf can benefit from the increased durability of our Hi-Tech backing system.  

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