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Sold As : 1 Gal. or 5 Gal.

Lifeguard® WATERPROOFING SEALANT™ (sealer)


Description :

Lifeguard is a RTV Rubber based penetrating waterproofer that comes with a 30 Year Warranty.  Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) Rubber is the key ingredient to Lifeguard's durability.  Lifeguard 30 Year Waterproofing Sealant provides unmatched performance when it comes to waterproofing concrete slabs, masonry walls, landscaping stone, exposed aggregate, clay brick, saltillo tile, stucco, colored concrete, stained concrete, natural stone and other porous substrates.



  • 30 Year Warranty
  • Liquified RTV Rubber
  • One Coat Formula
  • Easy To Use

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