Width   : 3/4"
Height  : 2-1/2"
Length : 8"
Sold As : SQFT or LF

High Desert Used Brick Veneer


Description :

Used Brick veneer looks like full thickness brick, but since it’s only 1/2 thick it can be installed anywhere. Warm and charming or industrial and modern, count on Cultured Brick® thin brick veneer to put a practical twist on a classic building material. As sturdy as it is versatile, its beautifully worn look works well in a variety of architectural designs. And it can be installed virtually anywhere, without the expense of additional foundation support.• Brick sizes: 2-½ x 8• Corner sizes: 4 return• 2 colors availableTake it from a leader who knows. If we make homes look good, imagine how we make the owners feel.

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