Sold As : Big Box, Sq. Ft., LF.

Parchment Cast-Fit


Description :

A result of the combination of three shades of cream – the cool, modern color of Parchment makes it compatible with many structures and styles.  Cast-Fit® stone veneers can be flawlessly integrated into the interior or exterior design of a structure through self-color or contrasting mortar options.  With Boral’s Cultured Stone® Cast-Fit® stone veneer you don’t have to compromisearchitecturaldesignforthebottomline.Cast-Fit® providesyou a solution for designing contemporary commercial and residential buildings with the classic look of natural stone without difficult installation. Produced with new Boral Stone Products’ manufacturing techniques, Cast-Fit® stone veneers are designed to be dimensionally stable and color consistent making it the right choice for your projects. 

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